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The Hunter exam is now going on you will have 12 hours to complete the exam.

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 Hunter Exams Second Phase

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PostSubject: Hunter Exams Second Phase   Mon Apr 13, 2015 1:23 am

Manifesto noticed that its only three players who passed in the first exam and was surprised that this three players are what you called hardworking " I've never seen such a hardworking guys " and after the first phase they move to the second phase the " Survival " "congratulations on passing the second phase but now it will be more difficult" they ride a ship through an unknown island near the Padokea Region were there are only trees , animals and some mysterious sounds. Then they reached that island in an approximate time of 5 days .

The island is full of mysterious stories it once had a 2 headed cobra that once infected by a sting your flesh would start to rot. The island is covered of thick and vast land of forest .
" You are not allowed to kill each other here you need to survive in this mysterious island "
Here there are 4 different types of monsters you may encounter there are 

* Two headed cobra
 - Once get stinged your flesh will start to rot.
* Black cat
 - Black cats will suprise you in an instant this cat is not an ordinary cat it weighs of 80 kg. and has a height of 7 feet tall.
* Ogre
 - This monster would kill you by force it has a weapon called "axe" once get you get hit by its shattering force surely you will not live in the next day.
* Baron
 - The strongest of them all this type of monster is the biggest it stands the same of a building equivalent of 20-30 meters.

" Now here is your task "

Your Task 

- You must state how did you survive in the mysterious island.

- You must also state how did you kill the 4 monsters.

- Must have at least 750 words.

- There will be seven days of living in the island do not go over board.

- Time limit would be 4 hours and 30 minutes.

- Teamwork is allowed.

" You fuckers i will leave you here and will be back once the time ends "

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Exams Second Phase   Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:17 am

Jesus, this hunter crap is definitely something. This is like those games of survival where we have to get around to  surviving and whatnot. “ Tch….” John was cursing under his breath as he continued to walk into the forest while paying attention to his surroundings. The first day of his surroundings  was to try and see if he could find the two headed king cobra and  find a place that was safe for the night. It was a lot of surveying, only going over the fruits that one knew and collecting fresh spring  water as well as finding old equipment from other challengers who have apparently died on the island. Their skeletons remained, but some of their stuff was still good.  One of the things that John took charge of was  a pot.  John was a smoker so he had a lighter, all he needed was some leaves and some wood.

While going into the forest in order to get some wood,  John utilized his blade in order to cut some of the branches down.  While he was doing so, the twin headed cobra was stalking him because john was in its territory. It was within 3 meters of John, and John’s En unconsciously activates  from time to time when he feels weary. Being on a dangerous island definitely makes John file jumpy, in which he was able to pick up on the cobra slithering towards him with En and  slice the twin headed cobras right down the middle, killing the creature. However,  john took the body of the dead snake and the branches and leaves with him.  John started a fire and boiled the spring water for two minutes, having fresh water and a fire to sleep by. He lept in an upright position while  holding his blade, just in case  he need it while sleeping in the cave

The next morning, John ate his fruit sparingly as he  drank some of the water he boiled.  IT was time to go fishing,  in the nearby lake and fish  the old fashioned way. John had to kill the next beast, and it is said that cats like fish in general. After grabbing the fish out of the lake and bringing it back to the cave John lighted  a cigarette to mask the smell as he gathered more tees, killing another twin headed cobra along the way and collecting it.   After cooking the fish, John extracted the first twin headed cobra that he killed from its venom sack with his blade, being very careful on drizzling the venom on the food.     After wrapping the food carefully with some leaves and a vine,  John dragged it into the forest  and wanted  by hiding himself
It was a three hour wait before the black cat appeared. It ate the fish knowing that it still had the fresh smell of being cooked.  After eating it, the black cat’s flesh on the insides began to rot, its throat and lungs practically collapsed on the damn thing. John beheads the creature to end its suffering. John then  uses his blade to skin the creature, taking its pelt and  cooking it on the spot. There was a reason why he didn’t want to mask the smell this time, he was alerting something even bigger to take a bite out of it.  While john started the fire and cooked the beast he drizzled the other  king cobra’s venom such all over the beast, wiping it all on the food after attacking the creature to stick beforehand for health reasons. A stomping was being heard as  John took the time to leave, being as far as he can while taking a look.

The ogre appeared, setting aside its axe while rubbing its tummy.  “Who can resist a free meal? Take a bite ….” The ogre took a bite of the cooked beat of the black cat, finishing it within seconds. Alter savoring the favor, the ogre started to choke, the venom started to rot the insides of the ogre and its lung. John came swinging down from a vine and went over, cutting the neck of the ogre and letting it bleed out while suffering to the venom. It died in a strange position , its arm was still up , stiff and frozen  in place in a way. The death petrified state  was something John could use, covering the axe in cobra vnom and leaving it as a trap till later

It was getting late, John needed sleep. When he went back to the cave, he finished the fruit and started a fire , going to bed. The next day was a full supplies and surveying day.  John boiled water, gathered wood and fruits, and looked around for the final beast. He couldn’t not find the beast but he did find another cobra with En. After killing them, he retuned to the cave and made a bow out of black cat tendons, wood and black cat bones as arrows. John was going hunting.

The next day, john came accoss the final beast while swing through trees like tarzan on vines.  He dipped the cobra venom on the arrows beforehand and made a wood holder with vines to hold the arrows. Taking aim, he fired an arrow at the crotch of the beast. The poison took effect and pissed off the baron, which gave chase. Jack kept swinging from tree to tree, going over where the axe trap was while the barren’s testicles rotted. The baron was slow, and ended up stepping on the axe because it wasn’t paying attention. The axe covered in venom cobra got in its foot as it toppled over.  John used this time to unload on the creature. Firing the arrows in its eyes and throat and  watching the poison rot away its lungs and eyes. As well as its testicles. The lethal areas of being poisoned and it rotting was too much even for the baron, and it died.  Jack spent the rest of the days in rest and recuperation until the tester returned.

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Exams Second Phase   Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:28 am

Day number one
Juno Uchiai arrived on the island like the other two meat heads. The bald one speaking the entire trip made his ears want to fall from his head. Boring him the entire way, nonetheless when ship came to a halt Juno made sure he was the first one to leave the place. Not even speaking a word too the others, simple leaving them too their own defeat or perhaps victory. Who cared? Not Juno. Juno was a soloist, a person who didn't need others to survive. Looking around, making sue to take his surrounding into his mind he started pushing forward. Upon entering the island's forest he came to a large tree and a small river that ran 2 meters away from his current location. He assumed this was fresh water, where was it coming from? perhaps further into the island landscape. But Juno didn't have time too explore, he had too find somewhere to stay out of sight. Somewhere no one come looking, somewhere he could avoid trouble if possible. While he kept walking south of the ship and probably the others he came cross several dead deer. He paused for a brief moment, taking in the sight. What in the hell?, his mind raced around what could've done this, he wasn't scared but for some reason this brought a wicked smile too his thin creamy lips. Next was the sound of a loud roar filling his eardrums. Unaware he had ventured into someone else section of the island. Hearing loud steps being taken east of his newly location. Juno then saw it, the creature before his big blue eyes. The strange humanoid creature that carried the axe that was sharp enough to cut a human in two with ease.

Leaping behind a large tree, landing on his stomach he curled himself into a ball and hide himself from the beast. However it was no use when the monster came swing its axe around cutting the tree down in half. Exposing Juno to the beast's eyes. Swiftly moving out of the way the kid moved with such speeds it was consider abnormal, running for his life while the beast chased after him. However Juno was faster than the ogre and he couldn't keep up. In the end Juno had out ran the monster and found himself deeper into the forest/Jungle of the island. Lost the ogre, no signs. Breathing heavily as he walked in a tired motion he came cross a animal. His entire body came to a freezing stop, this animal was no normal animal it was a large black cat. It wasn't moving, was it dead? no, of course not. Sleeping. Shit, man come on. Give me a break. Juno said in his head. Holding up his palm aimed at the cat and forming with his hand what look to be a hand-gun. His index finger and pointer finger charging a small blue sphere between the two with his aura. Then sending a small silent blast at the cat, which indeed awoke the beast, however the time it stood and turned around Juno had already killed it by shooting it through the heart. Juno used the fur and claws to make weapons and even kept the meat for food.

By the time day four had rolled around, Juno had made himself a tree house in several trees. Upon this trees where cat piss that made animals and other monsters stay away, atop 2 feet from his hut was a large axe stuck into the side of the tree. The axe that belong to one of the ogre. He had killed it through a gruesome battle. That literally took all night, in the end Juno became the ogre slayer of the island. He even encounter a two headed cobra which wasn't easy to kill either. He ran away from the cobra so fast that he ended up leading the cobra into the den of the Baron. The two ended up fighting and while that was happening Juno killed the both of them by using his aura to make a explosion type blast. That indeed left a nice 20 meter radius hole in the island. Now resting from all his troubles and fighting he had nothing else to do but wait in till his instructor came back. He often saw the others but never dared speak too them or assist them. However, even his pride came to be the best of him. He helped them out sometimes by leaving food in a certain area for them to find. Other than that he made no physical contact with the two. He assumed the two though he was dead due too all the screams he had made over the few days. Never before had Juno suffered from such a intense battle. Juno didn't come out totally harmless either, his second. . . no third battle with the ogre lead to a broken arm and a large scar on his back from his claws. Upon his left leg was bite marks from the cat, lucky he could use his aura to project armor around his leg to brace the attack. If not his leg would've been gone.

Juno laid against the walls with his left broken arm in his shirt, which was tied around his neck. He wasn't totally useless, as long as he could use his aura he could project many arms to replace his one broken arm. This did not bother him, but of course the pain was highly annoying and he needed something to ease the pain. However over the past couple of days he became acceptable to the pain and thought nothing of it. By the seventh day, Juno had started his adventure back to the docking area of the island upon his back was the axe of the ogre and upon his crown the skull of the black cat. Snake skin as a cloak and the arm of the baron being held by Juno aura arm. These were signs of him defeating all of the monsters. Limping as he did he somehow made it back to the docking area, last. Seeing how the others looked and made it, he showed no signs of weakness from venturing alone. All he could do was look in the opposite direction.

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Exams Second Phase   Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:41 am

Arjuna quietly listened to the ardent, bald man's reasonable requirements for passing the second phase. Arjuna rubbed the back of his head with his right hand, as he did so, there was light smile illustrated on his handsome face; because the last sentence Manifesto gave was rather hardcore. His honest words could mentally cripple many, or his words could have injected courage in their feeble hearts. Either way, it was a marvelous idea to follow Manifesto's orders. For one, it let Arjuna know their examanier had a vast amount of faith in not only him, but everyone else as well. The aspiring hunter's dark green irises were lit with an ever lasting flame, he already knew he wouldn't die, but he wasn't sure about the rest of the applicants. That was when it hit Arjuna, what if the other two were to die? Would that lead to him automatically obtaining his hunter lisence? The thought was a great one but it was also a negative one. After all, he was an amicable fellow - so the thought of someone would be terrible because if their families had gotten news of the recent tragedies, it was evident they would have been hit with discord.

As there were only three applicants left - Arjuna commenced to sprint into the mysterious forest with out hesitation. After after a 2 mile run inside the forest, Arjuna decided to take a quick break so that he could rest. Running out of stamina wouldn't be in his best interest at all - considering the dangerous beast Manifesto warned the three applicants about. "Hmm, we'll be here five days, no need to stress on rushing myself then." Arjuna quietly said to himself. He walked to a nearby tree and sat down on the green grass, he pressed his back against the defiled tree. Light breezes of wind brushed through the roots of his tantalizing, elongate raven hair. It danced through the air like a wave in the water - the wind also kissed his peached skin. He closed his green eyes and rested for an hour - after an hour and 20 minutes went by, Arjuna stood and streched and streched for a bit. "Guess I better find dinner." he said with no enthusiasm what so ever. Who in the hell would be happy about fighting any one of the beasts manifesto talked about earlier. Arjuna didn't want to get directly hit by anyone of the beasts he had to kill because one successful attack from them meant absolute death. If it wasn't death, it was going to be life-time impairment and maybe a trip to the crazy house.

Arjuna sighed and dragged the soles of his jet-black combat boots on the surface of the ground. The sun's luminous rays of light could barely breach the forest effectively, because the light was being filtered by the trees collection of healthy green leaves. Maybe it was for the best, that is if one was intelligent enough. The forest could be used as an advantage for survival. Two hours of walking around, Arjuna came across one of the beasts. The moment he saw the beast was the instant he started devising a plan within his brain. "Hmm, surrounded by trees, unaware of my location. This is an easy kill, and my dinner for tonight as well. The beast Arjuna's eyes preyed on was the freakishly tall black cat. "Damn..those things have to be at least 7 feet tall, if not, more." he said to himself. The young soon to be hunter was quiet like a ninja, though his next transition of actions would be far from stealth. "Come here you you hideous cat!" Arjuna yelled at the top of his lungs. At the time, all he saw was one black cat, but unfortantely there were 3 more cats deeper in the forest and they heard his blustering voice. The only thing running through their minds was food.

Before the other three came, Arjuna had to deal with the current one. As at it raged towards him at incredible speed - it was what the young lad expected. The momentum the cat ran at would have been impossible to stop on the spot. With the size added to the cat, coming to a complete hault would've been extremely difficult. "Dumb cat" Arjuna said under his breath. The very second the black cat entered his range, Arjuna stomped his left foot on the ground. After he stopped the sole of his boot on the ground, he lifted the axis of his foot by pressing his body weight on it and hoisting his heel. The young man's left foot held enough strength for him to quickly evade the cats head thrusting attack. Arjuna leaped 4 feet off the ground by ejecting himself into the air with use of his left foot's pivot. He was 10 inches out of the cats range. Before the cat could even react to Arjuna's reaction, it's head smashed into the hard wood of the tree.

Such impact caused the cats head to be fractured. It's brain was out of place - Arjuna quickly unsheathed his blade and dashed forward. The blade glided through the air and he sliced through it's head like butter. The cat's head smashed into the ground as the blood from it's neck squirted all over the tree like a water hydrant. The 7 foot body dropped on the ground. Just as Arjuna was about to drag it off so he could cook it; he saw 3 more black cats. "...Oh boy.." He said. Right then and there, Arjuna knew messed up - the only thing running through his head was how could he escape. Even though the previous strategy was an excellent one - it was stupid because he yelled. Yelling only attracted things. Mighty things. All three cats dashed at breath taking speeds towards him. "Shit.." Arjuna couldn't take any chances.

He had to live! Fear was an easy emotion to give into right now, but he chose bravery. Deep within his soul he began to conjure his nen, the nodes within his body were already opened. All he had to do was concetrate the nen's exit routes, such a thing was successfully done. Arjuna's transparent forces of nen shot out like fighter jets, any opponent would be able to take notice of his massive nen as well. Because for one, the nen was like a greasy force of energy - it resembled heat on extremely hot days, the next effect the nen took was thin streaks of alabaster hues. A truly beautiful site to see. "Haaa! His strength and durability shot up to amazing heights from exhausting the nen from his body like a truck muffler shooting black smoke. Before the first cat could fully close in the gap its self and Arjura. Jura completed that task already, the cat would have noticed all for of it's legs were gone - before it could feel the pain, it's head was already spinning through the air like a soccer ball. Arjuna was now on the collapsing cat's back - the other two cats, which were on the left and right sides took notice to his scent quickly. Both cats glided their paws towards Arjuna but he created an incredible out-put of blinding speed by chopping their arms into tiny bits.

After that was done, he launched his sword right into the left cat's forehead killing it. As for the last cat, Arjuna jumped off the falling cat and hit it right under the chin. The cat had finally been knocked out and thus it bled to death after having it's paw chopped off. "..Damn that was surely tiresome." Arjuna knew the challenges were going to get more difficult. He ended up cooking one of the cats later that night. After he rested, he simply went to sleep by the fire he set up. One day had gone by, and who knew the first day would've been so rough. Sadly it couldn't be helped. This is was the path Arjuna asked for so, he had to see it through. If he didn't he'd be a loser.

Just when Arjuna's day was going fine, the poisonus, two headed snake showed up. All he could think was damn but it's not like he was surprised, deep down he was scared but it didn't emit from his face or body language. He smiled in the face of the beast and unsheathed sword - the snaked slithered towards him at outlandish speeds but it wasn't enough to set Arjuna back into absolute fear. The young man utilizied his Ten, after manifesting the Ten, Arjuna expanded it to a 5 foot radius. This would increase his reaction time because it was obvious the snakes speed was great and indeed it was. Though, it proved no match for Arjuna - not even the slightest because the second the Snake tried to bite him. He drove his blade directly inside the snakes mouth - this cause the end of Arjuna's blade to shoot out the back of the snake's neck. When it did, it was evident that the seconed snake head was coming for him, but Arjuna planned for this very chance. Just as the sword killed the first snake - Arjuna used the sharpness of his sword and dragged it to the snake's left head. This meant Arjuna dragged the sword through the dead snakes head and sliced it clean throught he second snakes head with pure ease.

The second beast was slayed, now Arjuna had two left and in his case they showed up out of now where. "..Wow, no way i'm beating those monsters like this. Arjuna said to himself - the beasts were huge but instead of wasting his own stamina he would get Ogre killed by the baron. The Baron and Ogre came from different ends and obviously they both charged like idiot. The Baron simply kicked with his right leg, Arjuna shifted to the left quickly but the Ogre didn't. The Ogre was kicked like a foot-ball making it's way to the field goal, it died the second it was hit. Arjuna took this to his advantage, before the Baron lowered its leg - the 19 year old jumped on its leg. He dug the sword inside the Baros leg and dragged it all the way up to the Baron's neck. After reaching the neck - Arjuna used hatsu to enhance his physical might and stabbed the Baron in both eyes. Such pain made the giant monster collapse. As it fell, Arjuna dug into its forehead and cut up its brain. This killed it instantly - when the monster hit the ground, Arjuna climbed out of its head covered in blood.

He completed his tasks and headed back to where he orginally started from. He sat down and quietly waited for the examner to return. As Arjuna waited he decided to take a good nap where he was in the safe, finally.

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Exams Second Phase   Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:41 am

Seventh day finally came now still this three survived Arjuna , Uchiai and Wick.

" You guys are impressive i didn't expect for you guys to pass in this test "

The 4 of them including Manifesto moved into the ship and now Manifesto explained the third phase

" The third phase would be interesting  "

then the ship moves to the third phase were its getting interesting 

" You guys need to rest , the third phase would begin in 12 hours so get your ass ready "

the ship moves to the third phase .

So the three players rested at the same room while Manifesto watched the beautiful sea.


Third Phase is done now for the hard work you gave you 3 will be given 25,000 jenny's due to your awesome plots. The third phase will begin in 12 hours from now 19:40:36 and will start at 7:40:36 . Good luck and congrats with your prizes.

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Exams Second Phase   

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Hunter Exams Second Phase
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