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The Hunter exam is now going on you will have 12 hours to complete the exam.


 Hunter Exams Third Phase

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" Wake up fella's "

Then the three participants wakes up at there room and quickly the three of them goes to the kitchen to eat they were given by some of Gourmet hunters something to eat .

Then the four of them rides a bus to the Kukuroo Mountain and it was unexpected and why would they go to that abandon place? So as there journey was in progress Manifesto was taking a slight nap just to recover his strength because he was hit by a devastated attack made by Alva Zedler at the heavens arena. The bus quickly stopped and Manifesto wakes up also the three participants and Manifesto was the first one to go out in the bus.

" Now go out here guys "

" So here is your task "

Task :

- Find Zeno Zoldyck and Silva Zoldyck's corps

- You must state how and where did you found the corps

- The statement must have at least 550 words

- There are only two corps so the first two posted the valid statement will advance to the next round

- There is no time limit the first two who post will advance to the next round

- Killing other participants is not allowed

" So here is the characteristics of the mountain "

This mountain stands at 3722 meters and has a rocky roads , vast thick forest , and a grass land. 

" Participants be careful as this mountain is murmured to believe that the guard dog named "Mike" was still alived and also believed that the butlers of the Zoldyck family's ghost was still roaming here to guard this place "

" Start "

So the three participants quickly dashed through the Mountain

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The very second Manifesto told them to start, Arjuna didn't waste any time. He dashed off quickly into the forest running up the moutain as if he didn't have any time to spare. Based on his early jogging career and other atheletic activites, getting up this mountai wouldn't be anything. Most of the people from the first phase of the exam would have been winded already. But to a runner, this mountain wasn't anything. As Arjuna ran through the mountain forest, he was worried about being spotted by the Zoldyck families dog, named mike. Arjuna made sure to seal away his nen so he couldn't be spotted by anything either but as for his scent. He couldn't do much a bout it. As he briskly ran through the forest, like a silent mouse, he already knew the location of where Silva's corp was. He smirked as he continued on the path to his destination.

Along the way, Arjuna came across some deadly animals but they were nothing compared to his speed and combat skills. Arjuna cut through them with sheer ease. Blood was smeared on his face. "Phew, this damn mountain is long but it shouldn't be to much longer." He said to himself, but as he ran loud stomping could be heard. It was as if an earth quake was going on. Right then and there Arjuna felt great amounts of fear because he knew what was following him. There was nothing else that it could have been, it was the dog named mike. It barked loudly, drool dropped from its mouth and hit the ground pushing everything in its path away. The dogs breath was incredibly terrible as well. It could have destroyed the worlds ozone layer in no time. "Crap." Arjuna yelled to himself. He jetted forward to run as fast as he could. He hid behind trees but they were broken by the dog. "crap"

He said while panting. Arjuna jumped on the tree branches that surrounded him and jumped in the air but the moment he jumped so did Mike. Arjuna landed on the nose of mike and slid down his hair back. The dog continued forward in the path Arjuna needed. He figured he could use the dog for better transporation and hell, it kille plenty of time. The dogs strength and running power was the most incredible thing he had ever seen in his life. It was like they were all gliding through the air. He was reminded of a plane ride from when he was a kid. Arjuna slapped his self across the head because he needed to focus or he could have fell off the dog in any time. "Jesus christ the damn dog is fast" He yelled out because he could have been knocked away and fractured some bones if he didn't land correctly.

The dog finally came to a mighty stopped and shot Arjuna forward like a cannon ball, for the rest of the way Arjuna was going to be flying like a bullet. He was like a shooting star streaming through the air that anyone could have made a wish uppon. As he flew through the air, Arjuna mad euse of his hatsu by conjuring the energy straight from his heart. He needed to use his mind to fortify the energy and to stream it through the nodes as well so he wouldn't kill him self by exhausting his life force because that was what nen was. The reason he was making use of the life force within him because he needed great defense to withstand the impact he was about to take once his body crashed on the entrance door of Silva's entrance door to his corps.

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Juno had no time to waste he heard the bald demon loud and clear, he couldn't kill either of this brat at that. This made it twice as hard, however this wouldn't stop him from becoming victory. Now dashing cross the landscape with a broken arm that was safely tied in a nice medical brace that was given too him back on the ship. He couldn't complain the bus ride was somewhat peaceful but it didn't change his out look on things. He had to hurry! Breathing through his nose and exhaling out from his mouth his shadow swiftly moved cross the landscape like a speed demon. Searching every inch around his persona. Soon Juno came to a stop and closed his eyes, he had no time to fail such a exam. Now he breathing out a large amount of oxygen he used his aura once again! His aura came pouring from his vessel and into the atmosphere and slowly touching the surface of the earth. In mere seconds his aura had split into three half's each looking similar to the creator. Juno Uchiai had crafted clones out of pure aura, as he shouted with a faint voice due to being winded. "GO!!! Find what we need!" As the clones quickly moved without wasting time, Juno himself kept moving forward. While each clone took another direction of the mountain. In several hours, Juno clone had vanished, however what did this mean? this meant that his clone had discovered something. But how would Juno know! Juno clones were design to leave a faint smoke made from aura. A blackish smoke filled the heavens and from where the creator was standing he knew his clones were already moving towards the scene. Feeling the wind breeze from top of the mountain, standing on a large tree branch within a large tree he lucked upon the vast land before him. Two of his clones reached the area, both looking down at the grave site. Both holding smiles, while one went to dig the remains up the other made a clean dash back too his previous location. In hopes to find the second grave site.

The clone that had dug the grave up would've return too the bald demon and stood waiting for his creator and counterpart. Juno himself came cross the beast guarding the last site and wasn't found of such actions. Nevertheless, Juno embraced his inner darkness and allowed his aura to consume his entire vessel. He wasn't about to lose this, not now and not ever. Walking towards the mindless beast, his aura conjuring a large monster like beast around him. First came the muscles and second came the bones. However even this took a lot out of Juno Uchiai and he couldn't quite summon the entire thing let alone figure out what he was summoning. In moments or less all could be heard was the loud scream of a teenage boy and the loud explosion coming west of the mountain. Leaving a crater and flames spreading 35 meters wide. What could be seen was a boy consumed by a shroud of black and purplish flames, upon his back was a gigantic aura humanoid arm holding a large sword. The beast, beneath his feet, beheaded. Taking what he needed he soon left the area as his aura started too faded and he walked half stumbling. He used some more energies he couldn't even keep his own clones alive and breathing.. After a hour or so he returned and his faced the bald man with a daring smile as he dropped the item by his feet. "Here, demon.." he said as he passed out his head inches away from touching the males feet.
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Hunter Exams Third Phase
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