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The Hunter exam is now going on you will have 12 hours to complete the exam.


 Hunter Exams [Suggestion]

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Hunter Exams [Suggestion] Ugl3bPT

Hunter Exams [Suggestion] 500
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Me again, so I've been really looking through the forum a lot because I've taken a nice liking to it. I'm not sure if you had more in store of the hunter exams, but if it's just us answering questions and nothing more. I'd like to propose some additional things to make it difficult, but still easy.

1. I like the questions for the 1st Exam I read over. (I'd like to make it more challenging though) 

2. Maybe you could have the new hunter applicants run through a long tunnel to test stamina just like the real hunter exam (I don't know, you can make the tunnel as long as you want).

Requirement(s) for passing.
-Must have 400 words and no less-

3. After the tunnel stage,applicants will have to cook food, but before they can cook anything, each hunter must go out and find food that is actually worth cooking. You could look up some HXH animals or make your own, or even use real life one. I think if you made the animals, it'd be more physically challenging for the applicants. But after the applicants desired animal is killed, they will carry it to the next stage.

Requirement(s) for passing
-Must have 500 words or more-
-Must capture and kill an animal-

4. You don't really have to accept this one, in my opinion, it would be a simple filler for the exam. You can have the applicants actually go into detail about making their dishes. You could make a list of spices they can use, ect or they could use their imagination if you set a kitchen in place. In my opinion, setting a kitchen in place makes it easier. After the food is cooked, who ever is in charge of the current stage in the exam can taste the food. Whether it's good or not doesn't matter, if they meet the requirements, their good to go.

Requirement(s) for passing:
-Must have 400 words or more-

5. Dunno' about this one, if you did trick tower it would involve some help from mods because you'd have to do a lot in my opinion. You could even do roll the dice if applicants get a certain number for rolling dice they get to pass through free, if not, they'll have to play puzzles or word games I guess. (Up to you if you wanna' do that, i'm skeptical of trick tower.)

6. The final part of the exam would basically be character against character. Conditions should be set so fights don't take forever though, it doesn't matter who wins either.

-Both applicants must keep pushing out 400 words or more, anything less, they will be disqualified.-

-If posts have style and creativity you are sure to pass-

But these are my ideas for it. This would be waaay more fun, I hope everyone else gives feed-back if this idea is approved of. I wouldn't mind hosting it myself, that is after I pass it myself.

P.S Sorry for any typos or any broken sentences.

Hunter Exams [Suggestion] NWNdC27
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Hunter Exams [Suggestion] 4uzUw7b

Hunter Exams [Suggestion] ZjecY46
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Exams [Suggestion]   Hunter Exams [Suggestion] EmptySun Apr 12, 2015 6:08 am

I've thought this about a while ago its because the forum was new i just had to stick the easy hunter exams. Maybe tommorow its Monday right? We will start the hunter exam and this will be implemented. Well the 400 words is enough for the Hunter exams. Tommorow i'll implement this.

Hunter Exams [Suggestion] WzVKKYr
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Hunter Exams [Suggestion]
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