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PostSubject: Testing   Testing EmptyMon Apr 20, 2015 5:48 am

Hello and Welcome to Baker Street.This should be your first stop on our wonderful crime scene/detective roleplay.We, of course, have some very particular rules that we ask every detectives (that's you!) adhere to. They're very simple and joining us requires no silly secret code, but we do ask that you're mindful of our rules. you wouldn't join an RP without reading their rules, right? Baker Street is just the same, except we're a super cool detectives , crime scene forum, but you get my drift.

JOINING & ACCOUNTS first and foremost, you are only permitted to have at least FIVE accounts here at Baker Street.You may change your username every 30 days (or every month, for those of you that hate math like i do); there is certainly no need for more than TEN accounts, but we understand if you've lost your password or don't remember your username.If that's the case, you may make another account and PM an admin and we'll look into your other account. KEEP YOUR USERNAME PG-15; please do not use foul language, racial slurs, or anything that could be considered offensive. as well, you absolutely must be at least 15 YEARS OLD to join BakerStreet in accordance with JCINK's terms of service.We apologize if it seems like you're being singled out, but come back to us when you turn 15, we'd love to have you!

RESPECT here at BakerStreet we like to keep our personal content to a PG-15 level, meaning that you must be on your...semi-best behavior. We're not going to yell at you if you curse, but don't drop F-bombs in our chatbox on a daily basis. We are an open, accepting, and loving community, so any prejudice is going to win you a one-way ticket to the banned group. Respect is very important, so please respect your fellow members as well as the staff. This also includes keeping things roleplay related on BakerStreet. We do not allow members to contact staff through their persona messaging (aim or skype) about roleplay issues unless the staff member has given them permission.

REQUESTS as far as requests go, we allow SITE, STAFF, and WANT ADS. please be aware you can only bump your requests once every 24 hours (three days). A request will be deemed dead if it has not been posted in for a week.

ADVERTISING & CHILD PBS we have an advertising section that is open to guests as well as members, so please use it! We do not allow advertisements or links to outside RPs/resource sites in our chatbox or through PM. You're more than welcome to put the link to your site in your signature and we encourage you to do so! and, just think, the more active you are around BakerStreet, the more people will see your site. we do require a form for advertising, so please make sure you fill that out before submitting a site to us. remember WE DO NOT ALLOW SITES THAT CONDONE THE USE OF CHILD PLAYBYS (UNDER THE AGE OF 15). This is a personal rule at BakerStreet and we're going to strictly enforce it. If you come across a site in our directory that is using a child playby, please bring it up to an admin!

SECURITY remember that we're here for you! If you have any security issue (ripping, harassment, trolls, etc), please don't hesitate to contact an admin, global, or peacekeeper mod. We'll all try and help you as best we can, depending on the issues and how much involvement SHINE has in the matter. if you're having issues with another member, please contact one of the aforementioned staff with a detailed overview of your situation. We absolutely hate drama and its our goal to keep BakerStreet as drama-free as possible! Remember, we can't help you if you don't talk to us.

GRAPHICS we obviously encourage you to have avatars and signatures, but do keep in mind that signatures cannot be larger than 500PX IN WIDTH. avatars can be any size you want, but the biggest we allow is 500X400--you're more than welcome to use a gif in your avatar, it will resize accordingly. please remember, no pornographic or hateful material, and nothing above a pg-15 rating.

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