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 Shackles x of x Men [Nexus]

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Shackles x of x Men [Nexus] WI5mTpu

Shackles x of x Men [Nexus] 711
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PostSubject: Shackles x of x Men [Nexus]   Shackles x of x Men [Nexus] EmptyFri Apr 17, 2015 2:11 am

    "I really should of remembered to bring to keep myself occupied." Somewhere outside of the city of Yorknew on a small hill littered with nothing but brush and two young trees a young black haired almost-goth looking woman rested on the ground. As the minutes rolled by one after another the sky began to become covered by a wave of dark clouds and blanketing the area in a wave of chilled air. "Ugh, you think that they would be here by now. Didn't he say something about only hiring professionals for this job?"

    As the girl sat on the tall grass she began to go over the details of the job in which she was hired for. From what she called she remembered vividly about the contractor; Jackson he called himself. A obese man who looked more like a gluttonous businessman than a... well whatever it was he was trying to be. More importantly was the details of the job itself. As she started to think over the specifics her eyes gazed over to the complex of buildings just beyond a large field to the north of her current position. The complex was surrounded by 3m tall electrified fences and coated in barbwire, along the edges where systematically placed watch towers for maximum oversight of the buildings themselves as well as all of the open areas within and out of the complex; a mid-level security prison.

    All in all the specifics of the job were quite simple. Find a man named Thomas Barri who was some sort of temporary hero who went against the Mafia, treat his wounds, and return him to the contractor. The girl let out a deep long sigh "Such a dull man, If I didn't actually need something from him I would not even bother with such a simple thing." In all honesty she believed herself able to complete the task herself, as she possessed both the combat and medical training for the job, and wondered for the reasons need for the second person or more specifically who it was as this would be the first time they would meet; and probably the last. "I have little patience for men who take little risk."

    Before more thought could be put on the task to come she could feel the unmistakable presence of another human closing in on her position. "Lose you way in the heart of some Maiden?"
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Shackles x of x Men [Nexus] Concep11

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The King of Kings

It was a boring Night so far for Nexus,He'd been wanting to make some friends,He had recently burned A person in the forest,and was on the way of evil,but then he saw a woman and his pupils got bigger and he closed on the way to her,he just have reached their and said "Hi,Why are you roaming in the forest right now" he said,she looked attractive but,her hair were half a side tied,Interesting,he side stepped,she had said "Lose your way in heart of some maiden",that wasn't right at all,he could have just killed anybody he wants to with his flames,.He was currently wearing Faded Jeans,A Hoodie,Red Boos,Golden Bracelet,Diamond Chain,He put on his pointy headphones by now.It was starting to rain,as he was hostile towards everyone he burned the electric fences in front,suddenly his personlity was on the voyage of darkening..Now as a symbol that he is using the Nen,His eyes turned into the symbol of the Nen,unfamously known asSharingan.She was sitting under a tree resting,so unusual she was mountain and she was a woman with strong manly looks,he quietly chuckled,he was a little brat so he just tried to be some like friendly,"What's your name and why you are here",he may be going evil nowadays but he was still a gentleman.

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Shackles x of x Men [Nexus]
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