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The Hunter exam is now going on you will have 12 hours to complete the exam.


 Hunter Missions

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Hunter Missions

How to participate in Missions?
- Just search a mission in Hunter Headquarters area and pick one . You can identify the difficulty of that mission.

Types Of Missions: (Difficulty)






Once you completed a mission you will gain 1 experience total of 5.And also you will receive an amount of jenny's.Once you complete a certain mission report immediately to the Office Of The Chairman and the Chairman will give you the achievements in the profile information . Once you completed a D rank mission and you've ranked up you cannot participate in D rank missions anymore.You will know that you are a what type of hunter by this.

D Class Hunter

C Class Hunter

B Class Hunter

A Class Hunter

S Class Hunter

Once you've become an S Class Hunter you will be posted in the Hunters Magazine and have a chance to become a Strongest Hunter in HxRoleplay . Becoming an S Class Hunter can also create your own mission for the other hunters.

The only one that can create a mission is only the chairman , S class hunter , and those who are willing to pay to create a mission which it will Cost 5,000 Jenny's.


- There are 5 types of Missions difficulties.

- There are 5 types of Hunters Ranks.

- Your achievements will be posted on your Profile Information.

- You cannot take a lower mission when you are higher rank hunter.

- S Class hunter has a chance to become a strongest hunter and can create own missions.

Those who can create there own mission

- S Class Hunters

- The Chairman

- To those who are willing to pay 5,000 Jenny's (Only for Hunters).

For more questions please Reply to this topic.

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Hunter Missions
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