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Rin Ichiru
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Rin Ichiru

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My name is Shi-to the-do oh!, Shido is the name-o! but seriously I wanna' thank the creators of this rp, I have faith it will be fun and long lasting but most of all it'll bring some liveliness for fans such as me and others. 

I really don't have much to say about me, I just go with flow and um, like observing and um, food: Human thing to love and like, yeah, both. What else, oh yeah, I love hand to hand combat, decent honorable fighting style and I am 16 going up to 17 woo! I am a music head and AMV (Animated Music Video) Lover, I write rookie work of verse and songs.

Other then those I mostly enjoy making friends and well, admiring peoples dedication and hard work. . .Wait, what was I suppose to do again. .?
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Alva Zedler
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Alva Zedler

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Welcome to HxR
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Welcome to the forums hope you enjoy here Very Happy

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