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 Richard goes back to his house

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PostSubject: Richard goes back to his house   Tue Apr 07, 2015 7:54 pm

As Richard Valerina is done with his photo shoot at the Heavens Arena for the advertising he quickly ride in his private plane to go back to his mansion at York New City . And Richard finally reached his destination at York New City and quickly rides a cab to go in his mansion. Then Richard finally reached the mansion and quickly without hesitation he runs inside to his mansion and goes to his room and watched his advertise at Heavens Arena and Richard said "It was pretty cool". After watching Richard goes to the bathroom to get some toothpaste to clean his teeth.Then Richard goes back to his room and stared the wall and thinking if hes life was very successful and Richard smiled and said "It was a very nice day indeed" and Richard rested at his bedroom.


Transportation : Private Jet Plane and Cab

Total : 200 Jenny's

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Richard goes back to his house
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