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The Hunter exam is now going on you will have 12 hours to complete the exam.


 Excalibur Sword [Event]

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Excalibur Sword [Event] 4uzUw7b

Excalibur Sword [Event] ZjecY46
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PostSubject: Excalibur Sword [Event]   Excalibur Sword [Event] EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 8:12 pm

Excalibur Sword [Event] 29uzjw9

This ancient sword is very sacred it was being kept by the tribes known as the Kiwami tribes they are the strongest tribes by the year of 1560 because of its overpowered power its forbidden to use this weapon becayse Kiwami tribes belief that it was forbidden to use strong weapons because it can lead you to punishment by their god. But many people would try to steal the Excalibur sword but they all failed because of one of the Kiwami tribes guard known as Zeno Frederick the 9th Grand father of Manifesto. And now the sword was kept by Manifesto because Zeno Frederick entrusted this sword to his family and his future. But Manifesto was the one who break this rule he would willingly give this sword to have fun because Manifesto's confident that he can defeat on whoever is going to equip this sword.

If you win this prize: (The Benefits)

- You can sell this by a minimum of 2 million jenny's (At the York New City)

- Your nen will be 2 means you have 2 nens at one time.

How to win this prize?

1.) You must be a Hunter.

2.) You must be at the 200 floors at the Heavens Arena.

3.) You must be at least a Class B hunter.

4.) You must have killed at least 5 people.

If you completed those 4 request by Manifesto immediately Manifesto will give the Excalibur sword to you.

Excalibur Sword [Event] WzVKKYr
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Excalibur Sword [Event] Ugl3bPT

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PostSubject: Re: Excalibur Sword [Event]   Excalibur Sword [Event] EmptyTue Apr 07, 2015 7:57 pm

I hope i can win in this event.

Excalibur Sword [Event] MpgXG87
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Excalibur Sword [Event]
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