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 Make you own dormitory here!

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Make you own dormitory here! IPoXzhX

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Make you own dormitory here! Empty
PostSubject: Make you own dormitory here!   Make you own dormitory here! EmptyTue Mar 31, 2015 1:44 am

Make you own dormitory here! VKek12j
Dormitory is very useful in the hunter world because you can store things in here and cannot be ambushed.To make your own dormitory you must have this requirements.

 - Must have at least 20 posts.
 - Must have an experience in roleplaying.
 - Friendly
- Cost 3,000 Jenny's

By creating your own dormitory you can also share them with the other players and choose whether is public or private when its private they need to pay you jenny's to stay at your dorm when its public all players can stay and have fun in your dormitory so here's the Format on creating a dormitory/residence. You need to create a topic in the forum.

Name: (Your Hunter Name)
Place : (The place your dormitory is located)
Description : (Description of your Dorm)
Image : (Image of your dormitory )

[b][color=#ffff00]Name[/color][/b]: (Your Hunter Name)
[b][color=#33ff00]Place [/color][/b]: (The place your dormitory locates)
[b][color=#ffff00]Description [/color][/b]: (Description of your Dorm)
[b][color=#33ff33]Image [/color][/b]: (Image of your dormitory )

Once you've created your own dormitory you can set up your rules whether you can spam in there and have fun with other players. But when your dorm is inactive for about a 2 months minimum it will be deleted without warning so post anything so that your dorm wont be deleted .
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Make you own dormitory here!
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