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 PvP Heavens Arena Information!

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PostSubject: PvP Heavens Arena Information!   Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:22 am

Heavens Arena PvP Information

- Once you win you will recieve 500 jenny's jenny's at the first floor.
- Once you win you will advance into 20 floors.

Here are some Floor rewards.

Floor 1 - 500 Jenny's

Floor 20 - 1000 Jenny's

Floor 40 - 2000 Jenny's

Floor 80 - 4,000 Jenny's

Floor 100 - 40,000 Jenny's

Floor 110 - 55,000 Jenny's

Floor 150 - 100,000 Jenny's

Floor 200 - 1,000,000 Jenny's

If you win in Floor 20 5 times you have a chance to Participate in Battle Olympia which is

5,000,000 Jenny's Per Win

- Once you lose you will be down at the last floor. Means if you are at Floor 100 and if you lose you'll go back to Floor 80 . And will be deducted by half of the prize at the recent floor means if you are from Floor 100 (55,000 Jenny's) half of that will be deducted.

- (Works only who had at least 1 victory) Once you lose at Battle Olympia you will be deducted by 2,500,000 Jenny's half of the current prize and will not go down to Heavens Arena once you are in the Battle Olympia you will be at the Battle Olympia and cannot go back anymore at the Heavens Arena.

At the Battle Olympia once your money is insufficient to participate you can go back to heavens arena to Earn some Jenny's.

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PvP Heavens Arena Information!
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