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The Hunter exam is now going on you will have 12 hours to complete the exam.


 Information About Hunters

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"The world is full of mysteries, a hunter is a person who goes to find them"

Hunters are, to put it simply a very elite group of individuals whom possess access to assets, locations, people, and information which is off limits to most and seek out that which is difficult or all but impossible to obtain with exceptional talents.

In order to become a hunter one must pass the hunter exam which is believed to be among the worlds most difficult tests as it challenges nearly every aspect of its contenders both physically and mentally. The exams are located in different places and conducted by a different group of pro-hunters with different criteria and exams every year and anyone who is above the age of twelve and can find the hidden test location can take the exam. Out of one thousand people looking for the testing center only one is said to find it and this is usually through going through a series of challenges to find a navigator who knows where the test center is. Upon arrival the real challenge begins as the contestants (usually numbering over ten thousand) are put through five rounds of the most grueling and immensely unique but oddly fair tests ever designed with very loose rules (for example the candidates are allowed to bring with them anything they like for the exam). Out of the ten thousand that pass only three are said to pass on average and the success rate for a first time test taker is said to be one every three years.

The Hunter's License:
Once the hunter's exam is finally passed the newly awarded hunters are given their licenses, this being the card which allows the user access to resources, locations, information, and people they couldn't have previously dreamed of reaching but the card itself is immensely valuable, it is said that if one were to sell their hunter's license they would become so wealthy that no one in their family would have to work for money for a full ten generations. Though once a hunter has passed the exam they can not take it again for a second license so the card itself must be closely guarded.

Types of Hunters and ranks:
All hunters start out as zero star hunters (who can acquire stars though performing extraordinary feats) that can specialize in the following fields;

Freelance Hunters - Hunters with no real specialty, these people either haven’t found their field yet, do not wish to decide or had an altogether separate reason for becoming a hunter.

Blacklist Hunters - A drastically improved version of a bounty hunter, these specialize in tracking down the worlds most wanted criminals and usually have a strong sense of justice or desire for revenge against certain criminals. These hunters can be called in when the law or military cant take a criminal down but they usually just seek out the most wanted for themselves.

Treasure Hunters - Weather they’re adventurous or greedy these hunters search for valuable and rare items the world over for sale, appraisal, personal collection or just the thrill of it. A Treasure hunter is not to be confused with a thief however as they seek the unobtainable rather than the guarded.

Culinary/Epicure Hunters - Usually skilled chefs or talented connoisseurs these hunters scour the world for the rarest ingredients, flavors, recipes and cooking methods to bring all sorts of new flavors to life.

Archaeological Hunters - Hunters that uncover the mysteries of history by excavating ancient ruins, exploring lost civilizations and adding to the very pages of history themselves.

Wildlife Hunters - It has been said that all good hunters are liked by animals, these hunters take that a step further and live to study and protect all manor of animals and plants out of biological interest or perhaps just a love of nature.

Music Hunters - Usually talented musicians or at the very least well trained ears these hunters seek out rare melodies, instruments and songs of all sorts to create or experience songs the world has never heard before.

Contract Hunters - Hunters for hire, these types are something like mercenaries or temporary workers who seek out wealthy individuals to make deals with them. If you have a problem, someone that needs protecting, have lost something valuable, or desperately need something and no one else can help a contract hunter will almost always solve it, but they usually wont come cheap so be ready to pay up.

Ghostly Species Hunters - These hunters seek out what shouldn’t exist by locating plants and animals that are suppose to be extinct or the stuff of fiction from fossils, to legends, to tabloid hoaxes ghostly species hunters are involved.

Just because a hunter does not specialize in fighting does not mean they cannot hold their own, in fact in order to become a hunter combat is necessary so its safe to assume that most hunters are around the same level in that respect.

upon becoming hunters most zero star's have yet to acquire nen, especially if they are first time test takers but none is an essential part of becoming a full fledged hunter meaning that any hunters who passed with out nen acquire it soon after

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Information About Hunters
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