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 Information About Nen.

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What is Nen?
Nen is, to put it simply "vital energy" or ones life force. It is an energy found within most living things and manifests itself as an aura, the aura itself is normally dormant within a persons body inside small areas throughout the body called "aura nodes" but can be unleashed and used in many different ways by someone who knows the secrets of nen.

Grasping Nen
Normal people can not use their aura's by themselves naturally, they need to learn how to activate and make use of that latent energy and their are two extremes on the method to do so, one takes only minutes but can be potentially fatal if gone awry, this is to have someone who already knows nen use his or her energy to force open your aura nodes, this can happen by accident if someone with out nen suffers a nen based attack but is safest if done by a trusted teacher. The second method is much safer but takes years of study, meditation and training to obtain the same results.

Basic principles of Nen
Once the aura nodes are opened the energy will begin to flow through the individuals body to the point where it can be felt by themselves and others and the student will begin to gain some control over their aura enabling them to learn the three basic principals of nen and aura;
-Ren: The user opens their aura nodes and allows the energy to flow out of them, Ren empowers the body and spirit but quickly drains the user's energy making it best for quick, powerful attacks. As the user masters Ren they gain the ability to control and prolong the state and effects of the expanded aura for longer periods of time with out getting as tired but this is rather limited. Ren has also been used to strike unexplainable fear in to the hearts of those who do not known nen. in fact ren is also used to project ones intent.
-Ten: The user unleashes their aura much like in Ren but instead holds the aura close to their bodies in a layer about one to three inches thick, the aura is held in but becomes stronger enabling the user to withstand physical trauma and stress with their aura protecting their bodies, it is said that most accomplished users of nen are in a constant state of Ten even in sleep. As one masters Ten the guard increases but only to a fault. Ten has also shown the ability to combat the effects of age.
-Zetsu: The opposite of Ren in which the user shuts off their aura nodes holding all of the energy inside themselves. This allows the user to conceal their aura from other nen users and make themselves less notice to most people, Zetsu is also a means of getting ready to charge up larger amounts of aura for ren but leaves the user vulnerable with out their layer of aura to protect them. As the student master's Zetsu they become beter and beter at sneaking around and their other skills to a point. Zetsu can also be used to recover from exhaustion over a much shorter time.

Eventually the user becomes quite skilled at controlling and moving their aura and they have mastered the basics of nen enugh to continue.

Advanced principles of Nen
Eventually the user's control of their own aura expands past simply adjusting the flow of energy and directing ones aura becomes possible, from this a variety of advanced techniques are born (note that they are all stronger than the previous techniques):
-Gyo: Similar to ten Gyo is a technique in which the user brings all of their aura to a single part of the body, this enables world class guards as well as attacks but leaves the rest of the body with out aura. Gyo is chiefly used in the eyes to allow the user to see the aura of themselves and other nen users as they could only feel aura before.
-Ken: Ken is the ultimate advancement of Ren, not only is the aura alowed to flow out but it is pushed out with a great intensity making the power of the body even stronger but also reducing the time it can be used, at this stage ken can be used as an attack or defense and is immensely more powerful than ren.
-Shu: A technique in which the student floods their aura from their bodies in to an object filling that object with aura and enabling it to function as an extension of the users own energy, in this way it is said that a sheet of paper could be made to cut like a steel blade. Shu also enables the user to perform other nen based techniques with the object but the aura can not be reclaimed if the object is taken from the user in time.
-En: The user has the ability to "feel" with their aura and can hone this skill untill it becomes like a sixth sense, enabling them to sense all with in the radius of their aura's influence even when their other senses are impaired. At first the aura is barely away from the user's body at all but with training the user can expand the radius of their aura to as much as fifty meters. It is said that En is how masters of martial arts can sense danger coming even with out any sign.
-In: In is the ultimate form of Zetsu in which the aura is actually used to conceal the user, sounds, smells and details of the users movement become obscured as In is used and in darkness or sufficient cover the In master can not be detected by any of the five senses, only an En master could locate a true In master in hiding, like zetsu however it leaves the user totally exposed.

The greatest and most difficult application of nen is known as Hatsu, which is the use of ones aura to achieve unique, almost supernatural ends. The astonishing thing about Hatsu is that no two nen users hatsu is exactly alike, every person has a unique hatsu that stems from a unique aura to become a unique and personalized ability. To call hatsu a “super power” seems a bit off at first but rather it is a special application for one’s aura which can have “super” results. However its important to note that all Hatsu belongs to one of six nen groups of which each person is born under one and that there is a simple test to discover what group a nen student belongs to and indeed what sort of Hatsu ability is possible. The hatsu type may not always be of apparent use to the student or fit their individual tastes meaning that only some people are able to use their hatsu to its fullest as others might consider their hatsu to be "useless". Also note that typically Hatsu is not unlocked unless one has already learned to use (how ever practically or ineffectively) the basic and advanced principles of nen.

The Water Divination Test
The method for discovering one’s nen type is a simple test that requires only a glass of water and a leaf. The glass of water is placed on a table or flat surface and the leaf is placed on the surface of the water where it is to float stationary. Then the student places one hand on either side of the glass and performs ren feeding their aura in to the glass, depending on what happens the users nen type is determined;
-If the amount of water increases the student belongs to the reinforcement group
-If the color of the water changes the student belongs to the emission group
-If the leaf moves the student belongs to the manipulation group
-If an impurity appears within the water the student belongs to the materialization group
-If the taste of the water changes the student belongs to the transformation group
-If a completely different change occurs the user belongs to the specialization group

The Six Nen Groups
Depending on the results of the water divination test the nen user is born under one of the six nen groups illustrated below

The six groups explained;

Reinforcement: The most common type of nen which allows the user to enhance things, this is usually used to increase the power of ones existing nen techniques and aura and always to increase the efficacy of something that already exists such as one of the five senses, the healing process or a nen skill. For this reason Reinforcement types are often close quarters fighters. They rarely have unique abilities and focus on improving and enhancing existing qualities instead to make up for this. Members of this group are said to be “determined and simple”

Transformation: This type of nen user changes the proprieties of their aura, which normally behaves as an energy to that of a desired substance or target such as the heat of a fire or the thickness of a fog. Transformers cannot however change their aura in to other things, simply force their aura to mimic their proprieties. Users of this group do not have any new techniques they simply put a new angle on their existing moves by making their aura emulate something as their ability. Its is said that members of this group are “whimsical, unpredictable liars”

Emission: Emitters are capable of doing something most nen users find to be impossible, detaching and projecting aura from their bodies with out losing most of their aura. Usually the aura is lost once cut off from its source but an emitter can distance themselves from their aura while still having it under their influence. Emitters can not create anything only shape the aura they project but they can still influence their aura when it its apart form them (note this is not the same as manipulation which can control more than aura). Members of this group are said to be “impatient and not detail-oriented”

Manipulation: Manipulators can use their aura to control living or non living materials with their aura as if it were an extension to their own auras or consciousness, however their abilities are usually complex and generally require conditions to be met before a target can be manipulated. It is said that members of this group are “logical people who advance at their own pace”

Materialization: Unlike most other nen groups materialization or “conjuration” allows the user to create an object or being that its physical, independent and material out of aura, the object is very real and is usually the source of the user’s ability and has conditions attached to it if the ability itself is not conditioned as well. To be able to conjure something out of just aura the user must fully understand every aspect of it to conjure it in an instant at will but if a reference is available that can be done more easily. Members of this group are said to be “high strung”

Specialization: The most vague and also perhaps most versatile group of hatsu is specialization, a user of this group will have an ability so unique that it couldn’t fit under any of the other categories, as such this is the rarest group with the most extraordinary, yet heavily conditioned abilities of the whole six. Often the results of the water divination test serves as the only real clue as to the user’s ability and it is usually shaped in training. Members of this group are said to be “independent and charismatic”

Mastering Hatsu
Once the initial hatsu ability has been effectively discovered and practiced the user can train and hone the ability to their liking in order to become more powerful by either training harder in their given type or choosing a secondary nen type

Secondary nen type: Though the user is born under a nen type they can train toward another in their lives, picture for a moment each nen user as a point starting on one of the six corners of the hexagonal diagram, through training they would be able to move along a line to one of the adjacent corners till they were half way between the two at the midpoint of that line or somewhere closer to where they began, this is an example of learning a secondary application for your nen near the one you were born under to enhance or change your hatsu ability. For example if you were a transformer who’s nen was hot like fire you could train for reinforcement to enhance the heat of your aura thus obtaining a better ability. ((note that you can only use one of the adjacent corners as your secondary type and nothing else))

Conditions: where as an impossible sounding ability can become possible under certain conditions a simple ability can also become stronger under conditions, for nen abilities conditions are statements that effect how or when you can use your ability, “I will only use my power at night” “I will only use this power for five minutes at a time” or “I wont use this power on people with red hair” are all good examples of conditions. Some conditions come with penalties if they are not met such as a loss of power, aura, and in extreme cases injury or death but not all conditions need steep penalties.

Memory overload: the reason a secondary nen type cannot be taken from a category not adjacent to your given nen type on the diagram is that the other groups are to foreign for you to use effectively, if you were to learn such an application for your aura you wouldn’t be able to keep track of it and would effectively burn yourself out, destroying your nen abilities and your potential to beter yourself would eventually disappear thus cheating yourself in the long run.

Notes on Nen

Geniuses: like most things some people are better suited to nen than others, it could take one person an evening to get where it took another several years, some skills of nen might not be someone’s forte even though they excel in others like it, it all depends on ones aptitude, patience, study and potential though hard work can make up a lot of the difference there’s no accounting for genius

Outliers: Though some may become initiated in nen and study for years never to achive hatsu others may have already obtained an ability having never practiced nen before, some people are simply born with it.

Hunters with nen: Though not all hunters possess any nen ability upon getting their license obtaining nen is essential for becoming a full fledged hunter as one with out nen could never hope to defeat another with it.

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Information About Nen.
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